Mega-load Opponents ~ Published Positions


Idaho Rivers United Feb. 2, 2011: At a rally on the capital steps IRU delivered over 100 letters of protest to Gov. Otter. Read the press release here, and their Clearwater and Lochsa Corridor Fact Sheet here. You can also read IRU's letter to Gov. Otter concerning the megaloads.

3767 citizens (at least 85% north central Idahoans) signed a Deny Permits petition to the Idaho Transportation Department.

Clearwater National Forest and Lolo National Forest supervisors say "no" to megaloads -- their letters to the Idaho Transportation Department and the Montana Department of Transportation.

Rep. Peter DeFazioletter to U.S. Secretary of Transportation Ray LaHood -- See sidebar link on this article page, "Subsidies on heavy shipments criticized."

Idaho State Rep. Tom Trail & Rep. Shirley Ringo prepare legislation to resolve Idaho's overlegal megaloads problems. Also includes a letter from U.S. Rep. Walt Minnick regarding the U.S.12 issue.

Nez Perce Tribe (subscribers only): [Nez Perce] Tribe issues statement opposing big loads.

Fighting Goliath: Big Oil and Little People ... We are the "little people" and Big Oil's next victims.

Missoula County Commission prepared to sue to stop big rig shipments.

Missoula County Commission ten-point comments to the Montana Department of Transportation pointing out inadequacies in the proposed Imperial Oil mega-load shipments that would travel through Montana as well as Idaho.

Missoula City Council Resolution (pdf)

Judge John Bradbury's ruling in its entirety.

Advocates for the West legal documents relative to the lawsuit brought by 3 north central Idaho business owners against the Idaho Transportation Department and to the appeal brought by Conoco Phillips, the latter of which is ongoing at this time. To support the nonprofit Boise-based legal team at Advocates for the West, please click here: I can help.

Idaho Rivers United, Friends of the Clearwater, and Advocates for the West detail why big rig loads are illegal and shouldn't be allowed. ~ IRU website ~ FOC website ~ Advocates website ~

40 Organizations' Letter to Northwest U.S. Senators (pdf)

Sierra Club Idaho letter to Gov. Otter. SCI website

National Wildlife Federation representative says Kearl project needs study like oil pipeline.

Gov. Butch Otter What didn't [Gov.] Otter know, and when didn't he know it?

Idaho Congressional Delegation Not knowing doesn't deter Idaho's delegation. Lewiston Tribune: Megaloads = mega comments; Transportation department has received hundreds of written comments from throughout the state on proposed shipments.

Missoula residents raise many questions on plan to transport oil refining equipment.

Citizens voice concerns.

Citizens question big load permit.

Natural Resource Defense Council "Exxon Plans to Create a High and Wide Corridor..." white paper (pdf).

Clark Fork Coalition

Montana Environmental Information Center

Save Our Wild Salmon

Adventure Cycling Association Adventure Cycling opposses plans for mega-load shipments that would harm unique cycling routes.

All documents on this site may be freely used—credit as your source.

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Mega-load Opponents ~ Published Positions

U.S. 12 Corridor by Roger Inghram
The Corridor  
U.S. Highway 12 Corridor
Photo Credit: Roger Inghram

Breaking News

May 16: Testimony opens in Missoula County's attempt to stop Kearl oilfield megaloads ...Missoulian
May 11: The ITD contested case hearing in Boise regarding 200+ proposed Imperial/Exxon megaloads wrapped up today,,,Spokesman Review
May 6: Traffic engineer points to flaws in megaloads...Eye on Boise

Current Blog

"Imperial to 'revisit' foreign input in oilsands"...Join Mattie on the Fighting Goliath Blog
Article Archive

Watch it Now

HEART OF THE MONSTER SOLIDARITY WALK as it crosses the Kamiah bridge... click here. Taken by Matti Sand.
CP MEGALOAD 2ND COKE DRUM AT MAGGIE CREEK BRIDGE . watch the 15 min. video here Taken by Roger Inghram
BIG RIG video with Emmert International and 12 dollies (click on the "12 dollies..." link on right side of page)...Here
BIG RIG video with Clearwater-Lochsa footage & folks ...Here
Best-selling author of The Shock Doctrine, Naomi Klein, speaks out against megaloads on U.S. 12...Here

The 2011 Mega-Count

1 = Imperial/Exxon test shipment, February 2010
4 = ConocoPhillips
207 = Imperial Oil/ExxonMobil
63 = Korea National Oil (Harvest), a government-owned company
?? = Shell
?? = Premay Equipment
7 = Nickel Brothers

How many more?
According to the New York Times, Oct. 22, 2010: Port Manager Doeringsfeld "said he had been approached by several other companies..."
New Developments:
24=day Imperial Exxon's so-called "test" shipment took to cross Idaho (174 miles)
60 = Imperial/Exxon modules shipping north from Vancouver
33 = Imperial/Exxon modules being cut in half for shipment via an "alternate route"


conoco shipment + pickups

ConocoPhillips drums waiting at the Port of Lewiston. For size comparison, note the standard size pickup at the left.
Photo Credit: Janice Inghram (More photos below..)

To print the following document, click here, then File>Print.

BigRig & LoggingTruck

LEFT: No, you're not imagining things — that is a log truck dwarfed on the right. Although this load does not show the equipment Conoco Phillips or Imperial Oil/ExxonMobil Canada plan to ship via U.S. 12 in 2010-'11, its size is comparable.

BOTTOM: Note man on the right and pickup on the left. In the center is one of the smallest two Conoco Phillips' shipments at the Port of Lewiston.




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